Why the 2014 European Parliament elections will matter

The upcoming elections to the European parliament in 2014 seem to be far away right now. This is especially the case in Germany where regional and national elections take are due before May 2014. However, some changes in the next EP elections will make them more important than ever.

Not only the enduring Eurozone crisis but also the changed strategy of the big parties will make these election a hot issue for the future of European politics. The two main parties, social democrats (PES) and the people’s party (EPP) plan to bring a candidate for the position of the Commission President. Their totally different opinions on the future of the European fiscal policies promise an interesting and challenging election campaign. Simon Hix and Christophe Crombez look ahead to the campaign and analyze the voters’ opportunities in the elections: Why the 2014 European Parliament elections will be about more than protest votes | EUROPP.