Managing your writing pipeline

In the ”publish or perish” (or, as some would call it: publish and perish) culture of academia, publishing is essential for surviving in the system. However, there is usually little discussion about how to structure the own publishing process. Academic writing guidance has increased enormously in the past, but the process of publishing and keeping track of conference papers, journal submissions, revisions and work in progress is usually hidden in each researcher’s computer and brain.

Matthew J. Lebo from Stony Brooks made an effort in a recent issue of Political Science & Politics to streamline the process of researching, writing and publishing in 7 stages. He gives a practical advise on planning research and deciding on priorities during the process of the publishing timeline. Additionally, there are good comments on how to deal with different results in the process, such as prioritising an revise and resubmit (R&R) paper. The paper is available on google docs.

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